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  • "News segment" in sluglines

    I'm writing a feature based on a true story. The protagonist was featured (in real life) on a CNN news segment. I think it's clear the way I have it written, but would appreciate some feedback here. I have a separate slugline for each scene/shot within the CNN segment -- and to clarify that the segment is continuing I've been putting "news segment continues" in each slugline in parenthesis after "Day." Does that make sense? At first I was thinking of putting a line of description before the segment begins and one after it ends (CNN News Segment Begins and CNN News Segment Ends) -- but the segment is contained within a montage, so I already have "Montage and Montage Ends" as separate description lines before and after. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: "News segment" in sluglines

    Go to the link, click onto the movie Flight -- it doesn't have a title, just a large picture of Denzel Washington in a pilot uniform.

    On page 72 of the script, there is Denzel in a bar watching Piers Morgan on CNN on TV. Good interplay between the bartender, Denzel, and what he's watching on the TV. Hope that helps.