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  • Same script, different locales

    hey all -

    I'm wrapping up a script.

    I have two versions of it. One takes place in one city. The other takes place in another. This is primarily to send it to two different markets.

    There are some differences between the two- mainly character names, food references, landmarks etc.

    Is there an easy way going forward of keeping the two drafts in sync with each other? Maybe Final Draft has a way of doing this?

    The main thing is that as I change 100 little things in one draft (like spacing, typos etc.) it is starting to suck to have to manually go over to the other draft and implement all the mini changes...



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    Re: Same script, different locales

    It may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but consider:
    - Combine both scripts into one Final Draft working document. (Page 1 to 100 is the first screenplay. Page 101 to 200 is the second screenplay.)
    - Use split screen to view two different pages at the same time. You would have to keep them in sync manually.
    - When done, split the document back into two scripts.

    You may not get the results you want if you use "Change All".
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