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  • Done Deal Soundtrack

    years ago, i think i started a threat here wondering how movie composers 'hear' a screenplay. what would JAWS be like without that music? do the beats and words turn into notes? what makes the chords...the white space on a page?

    anyway, i think at this time, DD to me could sound like members of The Band playing some of "Old Time Religion" in if I remember correctly, Scorsese's documentary of The Band.
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    Re: Done Deal Soundtrack

    How about Josh Groban ~ "Remember" from Troy (2004)

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      Re: Done Deal Soundtrack

      great dpat!

      i think the tune Huck and Jim probably whistled when a person needs to whistle and not so loud at night as they headed down the Mississippi on a raft and looking up at the stars would have to be included as well.


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        Re: Done Deal Soundtrack

        this topic isn't taking off, but anyway, i figure i'll throw in a few more songs-

        -YOU'RE THE REASON GOD MADE OKLAHOMA performed by David Frizzell and Shelly West

        -GOING TO CALIFORNIA Led Zeppelin

        -MUHLENBERG COUNTY (PARADISE) performed by John Prine, Lee Ann Womack and Jason Wilber

        AMAZING GRACE performed by Duane Allman

        BLACKBIRD The Beatles


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          Re: Done Deal Soundtrack

          Ian Dury and the Blockheads hit me with you rhythm stick from Frame one
          I heard the starting gun