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  • Catharsis

    Often in writing you may end up writing about yourself or something you're dealing with in some abstract way. It attracts a lot of people dealing with mental struggles as it is one of the few ways that people like us can express ourselves and provide our own therapy by confronting our issues with written word.

    Writing a script can often be a frustrating endeavour but sometimes through your own story you end up with a eureka moment that really makes sense of a lot of things for you. That catharsis is one of things that keeps me writing because when it happens it feels incredible.

    I used to experience insomnia on a nightly basis worrying about mortality and it stayed that way until I wrote a script about a man living in constant fear of his own demise. Eventually he brings it on himself and a calm washes over him as he accepts the futility of fighting fate. I have the occasional panic over my eventual death but ever since writing that I have slept much easier.

    So what kind of catharsis has writing given you in the past? It doesn't have to be huge but anything that a particular story or the process of writing itself made you realise and hopefully made you a better person for it.