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  • Back to the drawing board

    I was informed that Red productions (Salford UK) accepted unsolicited comedy scripts. Months later I am told they are strictly drama. Now I have a script with now production company in the UK to send it to. What a waste of time and it WAS good.

    Anyone know of any other companies?

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    Re: Back to the drawing board

    For the U.K. only? Hmm, try or

    But the good news is, you now have a comedy script under your belt... congratulations! That means you've taken the first step toward producing a script that can take over the world (never mind just the U.K.)!

    But first maybe you should add a drama, sci-fi, fantasy, crime, etc., or another five comedies if that's your thing.

    Then, marketing your output (ie. pitching, and getting your scripts read) becomes a major portion of your day's work.

    Incidentally, we all assume and hope that your script is ready to be seen and evaluated. If there's any question about that, maybe try a script swap here on DDpro, or some low-cost coverage/notes from services listed. Check the relevant topics in the main index.

    If you do think the thing is ready to go, then you can try some no- to low-cost options for marketing your script (see below). Otherwise, it's a long-haul of freely pitching email queries (you don't just send scripts blindly) to hundreds or even thousands (not dozens) of managers/agents/production companies till you get lucky. Patience will be your mightiest virtue.

    The low-cost pitch/submission list (under $100, and I don't distinguish for genre):
    - contests

    There are many more.

    The no-cost pitch/submission list:
    - (submits through SurveyMonkey)

    Again, there are many more, if others want to chime in. The thing is, most of us only trust our own contact lists, so take whatever you see in this thread with a grain of salt. (We did maintain a lengthy list on the Amazon Studios users' forum, but the forum got shut down last year and I didn't keep a copy.)

    For all of the above, for your situation you should confirm that comedy and the budget necessary for your story is suitable for the recipient. For instance, Kassar probably isn't interested in comedy, so be considerate and don't waste your time or theirs.