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    Re: What is the difference?

    Where are we moving onto, Joe? This is 1 out of like 4 active threads in the entire place? We are all trapped on an island like Jack Shepard or Gilligan.

    I'm going all the way back... let's burn it all down... this is exactly what I was talking about....

    You're both right. I'm right. Everyone is right. And maybe a little wrong.

    But whatever logline you present and in what form you choose, well only you know if that gets people responding, excited to read your script.

    And what is the most important thing? A GREAT SCRIPT.

    It won't matter much if after they say sure I'll read that awesome spec, if you send them terrible material. But man that logline was so good and well written...


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      Re: What is the difference?

      And to be even more annoying -- JAWS was obviously adapted from a bestselling book. And they say "don't judge a book by it's cover" but we all know that's bull$****. So no script logline was needed to sell this movie.

      The cover of Jaws is like the Poster and with the title and image of a giant shark, everyone wanted to read the novel.

      So the book logline was basically just a title and picture.