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    I don't know whether this would help anyone, but I'll put it out in case it does.

    When working on characters recently I went through my list and for no reason in particular I just asked myself, "would this character help me if I needed it?"

    Help with anything at all, from watching my cat for an hour while I had to run out unexpectedly, to fixing a flat tire for me to giving me $15,000 to save my mortgage.

    My answers about my characters were surprising.

    But what I thought when I ran my friends and family through the exercise was REALLY surprising.

    I came up with probable reactions like, "would help" or "would try to pass you off to someone else" or "would help, secretly, more generous than anyone," or "would never help."

    To me, this exercise defined characters (and people I know) more clearly than I've ever done before. I think it will color everything they think or do in my story, even if the issue never comes up directly.
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    Re: Character Idea

    Fun thoughts and helpy when defining your characters, for sure. Though there's always some **** who will surprise you and not do what you expect. And might even do something contrary just for the hell of it, because they're ****.