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  • Log The Line... LOGLINES (on topic edition)

    Since I'm one of the ones who had a big part in derailing Bono's original thread listed under this title, I thought I would repost what he wrote and promise to stay out of this thread. My apologies to Bono, this would have been an interesting thread had it been allowed to go the right direction.

    Bono's Original Post from the original thread...

    Breaking off from another thread "what's the difference?"... let's focus on loglines...

    Also let's keep in mind we are giving our logline versions of some of the top movies of all time (JAWS, SPEED, etc)... easy to do because we can see the whole thing in our head no matter what words we choose. And Yes, I'm including Snakes on The "motherfuc%king Plane."

    If you go to the logline section over the years, you can get a sense of how loglines can really be an art form. Because some of them are just very painful to read if we're all being honest. They may contain all the things required, but they are leaving off the most important thing -- INTEREST IN READING SCRIPT.

    Is the idea any good? Interesting to anyone else besides the writer?

    And is the logline at all telling us what the screenplay is actually about? Capturing the tone? Anything?

    Maybe you wrote a great script, but your logline reads like you can't write at all or makes it sound boring as F_U_C_K.

    So keep that in mind. You have to get someone to want to read a script from someone they have never heard of and for a movie they have to imagine by reading your pages... and so far all they got is that 35 word logline...
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    Re: Log The Line... LOGLINES (on topic edition)

    I think what was just discussed is that you are convoluting the idea of what a log line is used for and putting too much emphasis on it being what will sell your screenplay.

    I think what was said(and I could be incorrect), is that it just indicates, in a single sentence, what the script is about. Based on that one sentence, they might be interested in developing a project like that and require a screenplay... and script reader will request your script and maybe read 10 pages of it?

    is the thinking that if you write a longer logline and make it real great the reader will read more than 10 pages?
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