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  • Sounds

    How often and when do you capitalize sounds in action description? I learned to capitalize them all. But not if there are tons in a list.

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    Re: Sounds

    For me? Depends.

    Is it crucial to the scene?

    TRICKLING water from the bathroom may be irrelevant in a drama ("Whatever, someone washing their hands."). But, may be hella scary in a horror ("Oh sh!t, someone's in there! RUN!").

    That's how I decide.
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      Re: Sounds

      Perfectly understandable, thank you!


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        Re: Sounds

        well since i write action thrillers, i use onomatopoeia (love that word) a lot. you have to know when to use it to maximum effect and how to use it to elicit the emotional response your looking for.

        you can amp up the tension and suspense of a scene with the right pacing, sounds and action.

        i don't only cap sounds. i also will all cap words or several words together when i'm focusing on a shot or something that needs attention. it just depends. i don't actually think about it, i just naturally do it when it feels right.

        when i rewrite i will take a pass sometimes to reduce unnecessary all caps. but once it's written i don't change much. it's all about focus and attention.
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