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  • Surprising twist for movie audience only

    Can a surprising twist for those watching the movie be something known to all story characters?

    I never thought about it until it happened to my story. So the answer is yes.

    Until the end of Act 2 my story develops in such a way as not having anyone in it reveal or hint at its nature, even though its nature is out there... quite visible and significant.

    And the twist, I feel, could be as surprising and compelling as the twist in THE SIXTH SENSE.

    Has anybody experienced something like this when writing a script?

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    Re: Surprising twist for movie audience only

    In the Soderbergh-directed version of Oceans Eleven, we are following Danny and his crew as the protags, and yet the surprises in the end are all parts of the heist that they planned out that we were not privy to. That works in the film because, if just for a moment, we are suddenly put into the shoes of Andy Garcia's character instead of our hero.

    However, oftentimes an audience will feel cheated by a twist ending that seems unfairly withheld from them. Personally, I think it;s weak for a film's only mystery to really be based on the fact that someone about to get shot says "YOU!" and the camera didn't pan around to show who it was.

    But something like what you're talking about can work if done properly. I mean, there's a film like Narc where the twist has to do with understand a character's motivations for his action. And in Before Sunset, there is a mid-movie twist that comes out so natrually, the characters hardly even give us the time to accept it, because it is all happening naturally. Both characters knew about something, but they had yet to discuss it until that moment... but the audience doesn't feel cheated because that's naturally when it would have come up, you know?

    So, well, there's some tangential thoughts on your subject.


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      Re: Surprising twist for movie audience only

      Sorry, no idea what you're getting at. But congrats on the break through with your script.
      It's a celebration, bitches.