ENTRIES - DDP Logline Throwdown III - The Horror, The Horror



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  • ENTRIES - DDP Logline Throwdown III - The Horror, The Horror

    You wanted horror, so here it is. We had an even dozen writers toss their loglines into the undead pile. The loglines are presented below.

    Now it's time for you to vote for your top three loglines out of the bunch (see details below). Anyone can vote!. You don't have to enter to vote.

    Thanks to all who entered! Have fun and good luck!

    Please let me know (via messaging) of any errors or omissions.

    Monday June 7 thru Wednesday, June 9

    Send your votes for the best three loglines (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) to "bioprofessor" via DDP messaging. Please include the logline numbers as listed below.

    Entrants cannot vote for their own logline

    1st Place vote = 3 points
    2nd Place vote = 2 points
    3rd place vote = 1 point

    Logline Entries - Horror
    1. HORRORLAND (Feature) - Ghost Hunters reality shows, priests performing exorcisms, kids with cameras everywhere... the few remaining undead take up residence in a Haunted House exhibit, hiding in plain sight. When a paranormal expert discovers their existence, will they be able to avoid being killed a second (and final) time?
    2. OH, DAHLIA! (Feature; horror/comedy) - In the wake of the horrific Black Dahlia murder in 1947, eight legendary Hollywood celebrities connected to the dead actress gather to find the killer among their ranks before they all meet similar gruesome fates.
    3. THREE MILE WOOD (Feature) - A group of teens try freeing a friend from under the domineering will of her witch of a mother only to discover that she is actually a witch: and a deal her ancestor made with the devil is the real threat.
    4. DELICIOUS (Short) – Hiking in the dark after his car breaks down on a rural mountain highway, a food critic known for bankrupting restaurants with his blistering reviews, stumbles upon Delicious – a ghost town with a mysterious 24-hour diner that claims its fresh-ground breakfast sausage is to die for.
    5. VACAY (Feature) - College spring breakers are deserted on a tropical island with a cannibal castaway marooned there long ago.
    6. DIABLO (Feature) - A grieving man spearheads a rescue operation on an uninhabited planet only to enter a hunt against genetically-modified beasts that force him to regain his will to live.
    7. THE MONSTER WITHIN (Feature) - A scrawny bullied high school Student determined to defend himself discovers a mysterious martial arts app that trains him to use fearsome defensive moves. But a glitch in the program morphs him into a human Monster at night who tortures bullies before feasting on them.

      When the Monster begins to stalk innocent teenagers, including the girl he secretly loves, the Student must destroy the Monster within.
    8. INVASIVE - A 50’s style picturesque town, untouched by modern technologies, is disrupted when a lone traveler arrives from the border lands. Weary of outsiders and blissfully ignorant of life beyond their borders, the town and traveler must work together to fight off a roving band of savage marauders bent on the town’s destruction.
    9. OMG MY BOSS IS A WEREWOLF, I KNOW, RIGHT? (TV Pilot) - Suddenly unemployed and desperate for money, office clerk Jane applies for a job as a seedy private investigator's secretary, but her interview isn't even done when someone tries to shoot her potential boss full of holes, which is only the beginning of a wild adventure involving a missing catwalk model and a deadly gang of mobsters who howl at the moon, leading Jane to suspect her hairy-handed employer might be hiding more than just his furries porn collection.
    10. SHAKES (Feature) - The inhabitants of a small town are visited by a charismatic outsider who is very entertaining. People start to get sick, with some dying, and the outsider is the only one who can help them, but at a dreadful cost to their children.
    11. THE BREAK UP CHALLENGE - A new social media challenge, where teens break up with their significant others in horrible ways and post the video online, takes a deadly turn when kids start being killed. A recently dumped high school senior suspects her ex boyfriend may be behind the murders.
    12. BAD PENNY (Feature) - When an unscrupulous businessman's wife disappears before signing the papers finalizing their bitter divorce, he worries that she's discovered assets he has hidden from her, and is scheming to take him to the cleaners all over again. He prowls her old haunts, determined to end the marriage the old-fashioned way, unaware that she's already dead... and that she's looking for him.
    13. THE DEMON AND FATHER JOHN (Feature) - A Catholic priest battling profound loneliness becomes the target of a relentless, cunning demon who will stop at nothing to escape Hell and enter Heaven.
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    Congrats to all who entered. Strong logs here. And strong titles as well.


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      Well, it's not technically late, because it was submitted at 10:25 pm PST. I jumped the gun a bit.

      We now have THIRTEEN ENTRIES - perfect for a horror theme! Please take the time to read our 13th entry. If you have already voted, and would like to revise your vote, then shoot me a message.

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        What's his name, Bono, I think, as gone missing so who do we pay off?

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          Either that’s a good batch or I just have no idea how to judge horror. They all sound like movies!


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            I went on vacation and spaced entering this one. The entries are great and I'll be voting tonight.

            Will be really hard to pick my favorites, because they all sound good on a first read.


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              I voted. Was really hard to pick a top 3 with so many good entries.


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                Didn't enter, but just voted. GL all.


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                  Voted! Not easy, there wasn't even one entry I didn't like in some way.

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