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  • Results - Halloween contest 2021

    Here are the results:
    Title/Author                        1st 2nd 3rd Total
    Shattered - bioprofessor                 4   1    9
    Real Virtuality - Centos             1   1   4    9
    Apartment Row - Mitchell McLean      2       2    8
    Revenants - Clint Hill               4   2       16
    Douchbags vs. Zombies - lostfootage  1   1   1    6
    Join me in congratulating Clint Hill for attracting most votes with Revenants

    Thanks to everyone who took part. Thanks also to Cyfress and Haskell for voting, much appreciated.

    1st place = 3 points, 2nd = 2, 3rd = 1. Everyone voted so I removed the Voted column.

    Don't be disappointed if you didn't score as highly as you'd hoped, the competition was fierce. But you've just had practice writing to theme, length and deadline, which is the point of these contests.

    For posterity, the discussion thread is here and the entries thread is here.

    3-page writing challenge coming up in January.

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    Congratulations to Clint Hill in a runaway victory!

    My votes were...

    1st - Revenants (just found it amusing, good visuals)
    2nd - Douchbags vs Zombies (an interesting concept...)
    3rd - Apartment Row (felt a little like "Dead Like Me")

    Thanks to dpaterso for all your work (again). It would be nice to get 10-15 entries at some point in one of these. I honestly think a shorter deadline would produce more entries. At least for me, a long deadline seems to produce procrastination.
    STANDARD DISCLAIMER: I'm a wannabe, take whatever I write with a huge grain of salt.


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      Thank you very much, Centos. I'd like to say I wrote it on the NEO2 wordprocessor you recommended to me, but I did not use that primitive, Stone Age tool. No, instead I used Fade In on a steam-powered 2099 MacBook Pro.

      The script was based on my experiences as a medical photographer at a university hospital between 1988 and 1991.

      The notes beside your votes are complimentary of my efforts, and I'm grateful for them. Thank you.
      "If you're going to have a story, have a big story, or none at all." — Joseph Campbell


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        I posted this in the original contest thread, but it should be here...

        Kudos to Clint Hill for his 1st Place entry, Revenants!

        Congrats to all the writers for pounding out a script in these crazy and busy times! And, to dpat for running the contest!

        FWIW, these were my votes:
        1. Apartment Row
        2. Revenants
        3. Real Virtuality
        Mine had a decent plot, a drunk driver is haunted by a young trick or treater who he killed in a hit and run. Where I think it fell short is theme. If you asked me what the theme was, I'm still not sure I could tell you. Deadly for a story, especially a short film (per the information below).

        Check out what I believe to be an excellent analysis of what it takes to write a successful short film (yes, the author is meta-aware of the pitfalls of being too formulaic):

        And here's the excellent short film, Stutterer, used in the analysis.


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          For what it's worth, my votes went like,

          1st - Douchbags vs. Zombies
          2nd - Revenants
          3rd - Shattered

          And thoughts I had along the way as I read the entries went like,


          Mickey pays the price for his bad driving! Reads well, gets a vote.

          Real Virtuality

          An entertaining read and an amusing idea. I was thinking maybe Fred could have made Oswald sit in the dentist's chair and strap in, since no one in their right mind would do that voluntarily. Could have got a vote, alas other entries edged in front of this one.

          Apartment Row

          An amusing ditty, wow Susan, Jake was totally right about you. Just missed out on a vote, others pushed ahead.


          This reads well, I don't envy the guy. Story-wise I did wonder why there aren't 100s of revenants following him around, from every death he ever photographed, he acts as if this isn't a new experience. Regardless of which, gets a vote!

          Douchbags vs. Zombies

          I didn't get the logic of how Jake could have caused this (maybe it's nothing to do with him, he's just guessing) but gems like ZOMBIFIED HOT WOMAN TWINS kept me reading. Gets a vote!

          (I was annoyed that I couldn't get mine into shape for the contest, nothing went right, they just bored me. I kinda lost my writing muse this year, and never got it back. Maybe some day.)

          3-page writing challenge coming up in January.