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  • Murder Confession!

    Hey all,

    Who's up for another competition to hone and flex those writing skills?

    The goal is to have someone confess to another that they committed a murder. A few parameters to make it a bit of a challenge (or at least interesting).
    1. The murderer must be a decent, upstanding member of society - so no Jason Voorhees, Son of Sam types.
    2. The more unexpected-a-killer as possible, the better.
    3. Must convey emotion and/or angst on the part of the killer.
    4. Can't be too obvious a setting - so no police station or church-based confessions.
    5. 4 pages max.
    6. Can be a stand-alone piece or a scene from a script.
    Send me your entries. End date 30th Jan and all entries will be uploaded Jan 31st.

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    Bumping so that it appears on the forum home page.


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      I'm not allergic to this idea, but as you saw, the logline challenge failed to gather enough entries. I'll work on one just in case.