The Third Day - Easter 2005



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  • The Third Day - Easter 2005

      FADE IN:
                   EXT. THE SEPULCHRE - CALVARY - DAWN (THEN)
                   An ethereal radiance spreads across the heavens from The
                   Light of The New Beginning, and splits the darkness
                   Meanwhile, closer to earth, in an enclosed garden...
                   (Unseen by human eyes there present...)
                   THE ANGELIC PRINCE of the Heavenly host stands before the
                   sepulchre, clothed in armour of a supernatural fire, at
                   guard, unmoving. His sword of flame in his right hand,
                   raised, and ready to smote any creature, human or otherwise
                   that would dare profane this Holy place.
                   MARY MAGDALENE, a woman in her 30s of a supremely
                   dishevelled appearance creeps out from beyond the bushes,
                   her features a torment of frenzy. She approaches slowly,
                   and looks all about her in nervous agitation, and halts
                   before the sealed tomb.
                   An intense light radiates from within the sealed sepulchre
                   and illuminates every little nook and cranny in the rock
                   Blinded, she falls to her knees, and gropes about her in
                   apparent darkness.
                                       MARY MAGDALENE
                             Lord, help me!
                   (Unseen by human eyes there present...)
                   The Angelic Prince stands back, faces the sepulchre,
                   genuflects and bows his head, his sword still held at the
                   The mighty stone at the entrance, in an unearthly motion,
                   moves slowly aside and breaks every seal.
                   A BEARDED MAN in his early 30s, divinely majestic in
                   bearing, dressed in a snow-white gown and enveloped in an
                   aurora of bedazzling radiance and beauty, emerges, and
                   looks about. 
                   He is immediately surrounded by the Heavenly host, all
                   resplendent in dazzling armour of every hue and colour,
                   many with sword and spear held at the ready, some holding a
                   banner aloft emblazoned with the glittering words FAITHFUL
                   and TRUE.
                   The Angelic Prince plunges his fiery sword into the earth
                   up to its hilt, and falls prostrate atop the stony ground.
                   The Bearded Man smiles, and with a slight motion of His
                   right hand, the prostrate form arises, seizes his fiery
                   sword, and takes his place - front and centre.
                   A raven's 'caw' reverberates.
                   Off to the side, SATAN's broody figure, clothed in the dark
                   of night, stands pensively. 
                   A RAVEN sits atop its left shoulder.
                   Satan's eyes glare malevolently at the unfolding wondrous
                   Before the bird can utter another squawk, The Angelic
                   Prince approaches as a flash of lightning, and readies his
                   fiery sword to smote Satan's head from its shoulders...
                             Arrrghhhh, Master??
                   Satan throws back its cloak of darkness and reveals a black
                   emptiness that no light penetrates, and none escapes.
                   The fiery sword cuts through the air in a fearsome swoosh.
                   The Bearded Man makes the slightest motion with his head...
                   And the fiery sword stops short, less than a hair's breadth
                   away from commencing its fearsome cut, but close enough to
                   leave its indelible mark.
                   A wisp of rank smoke curls up from Satan's smouldering neck
                             Oh my god...
                   The Raven faints, and falls off its perch, and lands with a
                   gentle 'thud' on the rocky ground.
                   Satan glares malevolently at The Angelic Prince.
                                 (sarcastically, to The
                                  Angelic Prince)
                   The Angelic Prince's unyielding gaze shows no fear, no
                   alarm, no mercy...only obedience to his Heavenly Lord.
                   Mary raises her tearful face from the stony ground and sees
                   the fallen one. In abject terror, she looks towards the
                   open sepulchre, but The Light thereat is too intense, she
                   shields her eyes and emits a piercing scream.
                                       MARY MAGDALENE
                   The Bearded Man smiles at His wayward child, motions with
                   His right hand, and she slips into a merciful sleep, and
                   slumps to the ground.
                   He looks over at The Angelic Prince and beckons him, come.
                   In the blink of an eye, he appears beside the Bearded Man.
                   Satan rubs its neck where the fiery sword met it, and
                   glares over at The Angelic Prince, and taunts him once
                                 (hisses loudly)
                   The Angelic Prince's countenance is unmoved.
                   Satan reaches down and grasps the Raven by the neck with
                   its withered claw, and breathes its fetid breath into it.
                   The Raven comes to, and is unceremoniously deposited on its
                   Master's shoulder.
                             Ouch! Master, that hurt.
                   Satan glares at it.
                   The Raven notices the still smouldering wound on Satan's
                             Wow, I bet that must have hurt
                   Satan grimaces.
                   The Raven flaps its wings in panic.
                             Oh, nothin', Master, nothin' at
                   Satan claws at the wound on its neck.
                             Master, look out!
                   The Bearded Man looks directly into Satan's slits...the
                   penetrating gaze forces Satan to its knees.
                             Master? Master - fight back,
                             fight back!
                   The Bearded Man's countenance is one of righteousness and
                   pure love, there is no hint of bitterness or hatred there
                   Satan clutches at its throat, and appears to wither and
                                 (hisses to The Bearded
                             Not yet...not...yet...
                   The Bearded Man smiles knowingly, turns away, and with a
                   motion of his right hand, He departs in a flash of the most
                   intense light, together with the Heavenly host.
                   The Angelic Prince moves not. He approaches once more, like
                   lightning, sword drawn, and places his girded foot atop
                   Satan's neck.
                                 (shrieks to The Angelic
                             He said, not yet!
                   Satan squirms in the dirt, powerless to resist. It flips
                   over onto its back and gazes up at The Angelic Prince.
                   His unyielding gaze meets Satan's terrified stare, and
                   after what seemed an eternity (to Satan), The Angelic
                   Prince disappears in a flash of brilliant light.
                   Over yonder, the fallen Mary begins to come to.
                   The Raven squawks and flaps about its master in a fit of
                             Master? Master? Are you alright?
                   Satan slowly raises itself off the ground, brushes off the
                   dirt from its cloak of darkness and takes a mighty swipe at
                   its sidekick.
                   The Raven evades the swipe, flaps about a bit then settles
                   back down on its unnatural perch.
                             Phew, Master - that was a close
                   Satan glares at it.
                             I'm only saying, that's all.
                   Satan's tail emerges from beneath its cape of darkness,
                   wraps itself around the raven's neck and proceeds to slowly
                   throttle it.
                             Now, what was that you were only
                   The raven chokes, and gasps for air.
                   Satan glares over at the now stirring form of the fallen
                                 (quietly, to The Raven)
                   Satan sidles on over, and stands menacingly over her.
                   Satan peers intensely at the fallen woman.
                                 (to The Raven)
                             What was that?
                   The Raven keels over...and lands with a slight 'thud'
                   beside Mary's head.
                   Startled, she shrieks loudly, then nervously raises her
                   head and looks directly into the dark slits of the (now
                   visible) Satan, looming over her.
                   In an instant (but to her, in what seems an eternity), her
                   features turn from a frenzied, fearful state into one of
                   abject fear.
                   Her hair turns white with sheer fright...and she begins to
                   wither away as if her very soul is being extracted from her
                   - which, in fact, it is.
                   An almighty flash of lightning together with an ear
                   splitting crack of thunder shatters Satan's deadlocked
                                 (it hisses violently)
                             Alright, already!
                   The gray haired form, now released, slumps back to dust,
                   mercifully unconscious.
                   Satan looks towards the open tomb and sees Two Angelic
                   Beings arrayed in the whitest of garments, standing there,
                   observing all before them.
                   Satan shakes its shoulders, sneers at them, reaches down
                   and grasps hold of the lifeless raven.
                   The Two Angelic Beings pay no heed to the demon.
                   From across the clearing, TWO FISHERMEN (35 and 20) in
                   uncouth dress, emerge, and seeing the opened sepulchre,
                   stop dead in their tracks.
                   Satan again breathes into the wretched bird and it flutters
                   back to life.
                             Oh, Master...I thought I was a
                             gonner that time.
                   Satan glares at it.
                             Did I ever tell you that I think
                             I might be a cat person?
                             Never mind.
                   Satan and its sidekick move off into the shadows.
                                       RAVEN (O.S.)
                             Master - what about her?
                   Mary lies helpless and still.
                                       SATAN (O.S.)
                             Nah, we've lost her.
                                       RAVEN (O.S.)
                             Eh? Well, what about those two
                             bright young things over there?
                   The Two Angelic Beings are unmoved.
                                       SATAN (O.S.)
                             Nah, they're beyond our reach.
                                       RAVEN (O.S.)
                             Eh? Well, what about those two
                             peasants over there then?
                   The Two Fishermen stare incredulously at the Two Angelic
                   Beings standing before the open sepulchre, and each makes
                   The Sign of The Cross.
                                       SATAN (O.S.)
                             Nah, we've already got one of
                                       RAVEN (O.S.)
                             We have?
                                       SATAN (O.S.)
                                       RAVEN (O.S.)
                   The Two Angelic Beings beckon the Fishermen, come.
                                       SATAN (O.S.)
                             Yeah. Anyway, one out of twelve
                             ain't bad!
                                       RAVEN (O.S.)
                             I suppose.
                   The Fishermen approach hesitantly, then fall down to pay
                   homage before the Two Angelic Beings.
                                       SATAN (O.S.)
                             You suppose right. Now, shut up
                             and let's get cracking...
                                       RAVEN (O.S.)
                             Right you are, Master!
                   The Angelic Beings reach down and lift up the Fishermen,
                   then direct them into the sepulchre.
                                       SATAN (O.S.)
                                 (hisses at the Two
                                  Angelic Beings)
                             Enough, already!
                   The elder Fisherman enters, and disappears from sight.
                   The younger Fisherman falls to his knees, makes The Sign of
                   The Cross, and proclaims...
                                       YOUNGER FISHERMAN
                             GLÃ"RIA IN EXCÃ pptLSIS DEO!
                   A glorious rainbow appears overhead and a cacophony of the
                   sweetest bird-song is heard.
                                       SATAN (O.S.)
                             Come on, we got work to do...and
                             the clock's ticking.
                                       RAVEN (O.S.)
                             It certainly is, my Master.
                                       SATAN (O.S.)
                             Don't you ever shut up?
                                       RAVEN (O.S.)
                             Shutting up right now, Master.
                                       SATAN (O.S.)
                             I knew I should have got a cat
                                       RAVEN (O.S.)
                             Master, you don't mean that, do
                   A very loud squawk is heard.
                                       SATAN (O.S.)
                             Would I lie?
                                       RAVEN (O.S.)
                                                                FADE OUT.
    © Copyright "kcshc" 2005. All rights reserved.