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  • F-Bombs Away

    Have you guys noticed the use of F-Bombs in Atlanta? I remember when Breaking Bad used "****" it was always muted out. I just finished writing on a basic cable show where we were allowed to drop F-bombs like crazy. I mean, too many to mute or bleep out without it being distracting. We kept hearing that the network planned to air it as is. I wonder if this will be the new trend.

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    Re: F-Bombs Away

    Not sure if it's just an FX thing or if it will catch on with the other cable nets as well. I remember taking notice when I watched People Vs. OJ and Sarah Paulson's character said, "Mother******."

    There was an interesting article about it in Slate at the time where they interviewed the President of FX. He said they felt taking the word out would have weakened the story and that none of their advertisers pulled out as a result of including it.


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      Re: F-Bombs Away

      Watching Shameless as I clicked this thread.. oh yeah f-bombs on TV
      I heard the starting gun



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        Re: F-Bombs Away

        In episode #35 of 3rd & Fairfax Stephen Falk talks about getting to use one F-bomb this season on You're The Worst. It's an FXX show.

        Just my 2 cents, your mileage may vary.

        -Steve Trautmann
        3rd & Fairfax: The WGAW Podcast