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    I had thought that by now all the regular members would be aware of how the board is run, but the questions keep popping up so here it is in a nutshell:

    1. Threads that end up locked most likely have strayed from topic or have devolved into personal arguing between different posters, however the bulk of the thread was on topic and appropriate. If there are more than one or two errant posts, it is easier to lock a thread rather than delete the individual posts. Note: it is not an insult to have your thread locked!

    2. If a thread is deleted, most likely it was completely off topic for the forum it is in and was argumentative, racist, political or religious in nature. There is some leeway in One on One, but there are guidelines at the top of that forum also.

    3. Generally speaking, the Moderators rather than the Administrators are responsible for locking or deleting threads, but this is not always true.

    4. If you have a genuine question about some action, all you need to do is ask an Admin or Mod in ezMail or in email. You do NOT need to query more than one of us. We can communicate easily and privately among ourselves to determine who did what and why and then get back to you. Please DO NOT air your complaints or challenge moderator actions by posting on the board.