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  • Writers for Video Games?

    How does one crack the the Video Games business as a writer?

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    I’d been curious about this so I reached out on LinkedIn to an alumni from my alma mater who works as a game writer/narrative designer and we ended up connecting. Basically, it’s all about building up a resume that features game credits. They don’t really care about screenwriting or novels or comics or podcasts, most companies want game writers. So to build a resume you have to get the initial work wherever you can which Is usually mobile games or cheapo web stuff.

    Then you try to work your way up to writing on AA titles and from there, AAA. But at that point it’s not just about your resume, because larger studios only care about games you’ve worked on that have shipped.

    The mechanics are also different because you’re writing around gameplay, not the other way around. And while you don’t have to be a game designer a lot of bigger studios want you to at least speak the language.

    Hope that somewhat helps. Maybe someone here has actually worked in games and can speak to it more intimately, but I can’t out of that convo with the impression that game writing is really its own world with its own rules.