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  • RobertDentonBryant
    Re: Welcome to the New Writing For Video Games Forum

    Thanks for those kind words, Will.

    My teaching and writing partner, Keith Giglio, started working together years ago when I was exec producing a kids' online MMO and realized that my naive hopes of writing a lot of the content were never going to happen. I was too busy! So I hired my former neighbor and longtime friend (and longtime screenwriter) Keith to serve as our team's "Narrative Designer." I knew he "knew games," as he grew up playing them and then watched his daughters play them.

    But we almost immediately began to butt heads over the role that story (or, as it was an MMO, the lore of the world should play in the game. That creative frisson led us to teaching the first game story class through UCLA's Writer's Program, which (like our book) is aimed at writers from other media who want to learn how (and how not to) approach interactive writing.

    I always say that writing for games is just like writing for movies, except when it isn't, which is usually. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to join the community.

    Games are awesome, but they'll be made more awesome as we continue to bring in diverse voices and seasoned storytellers.

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  • Welcome to the New Writing For Video Games Forum

    A long-time friend of mine from USC film school and an all around good guy has agreed/volunteered to come in and help moderate this forum. Here is Bob's bio:

    Robert Denton Bryant, co-author of Slay the Dragon! Writing Great Video Games, has worked in Hollywood in development, marketing and production, and in video games as both a publisher and a developer. He has been executive producer on dozens of popular games for home consoles, iPhone, iPad and PC/toy hybrids, including “World Championship Poker,” “Future Tactics: The Uprising,” and “Pinball Hall of Fame.”

    We'll give this forum a try for awhile and see how folks like it.
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