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    Margo, I'd tell the director that you're looking for a new rep and see if he has any recommendations.


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      Jeff, thanks so much to both you and FinalAct. You're two of the people who keep me coming back here. Yes, as FA. said, this is a tough time, indeed. But tomorrow, Trump gets the hell out of Dodge and hopefully, brighter days are ahead.

      What I'm curious about: Is Hollywood even reading scripts now? Or are screenwriters spinning their wheels trying to get noticed? It's difficult when you know in your bones you have something good and can't get it out there. But that said, I've lasted this long. ;-

      I appreciate your feedback, truly.


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        Hollywood is reading, optioning and buying scripts. Most certainly. But as usual, it is generally more from established writers whose reps have brought the script in or it's going out as a package with producers attached, etc.

        We're just a little over half-way through this month and even with the holidays, we've still listed 25 film (four were specs) and 55 TV deals so far. The spec heyday is basically long gone and will probably not ever return, but people are reading and doing some stuff. It'll surely pick up a bit more once more vaccines get out and things get under control. Working from home doesn't stop reading just production in many cases.
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          Thanks very much for the info, Will.


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            Yes, as Will said, they are reading and have been throughout COVID. I had an option offer with a company to get Tinder Sweet 16 made this past September. As it turned out there were some aspects my lawyer and I could not agree to, and thank God, because I started a new job and haven't been able to get writing done-- I would have been in breach of the contract the first week. haha. Anyway, good luck on getting a new manager.

            The prodco found it on the Black List 2.0 website. That's a good place to post your script and its reviews. You can leave off your manager's name and maybe you can drum up interest from other managers, who knows? Industry people still use the site and are still actively looking for material as far as I've heard. Comedies coming out of COVID were of interest-- at least that's what I was told.

            Good luck, Margo. Let us know how things turn out.
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              Thanks so much f4. I think I'll do that!