Should I get a referral from a producer?



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  • Should I get a referral from a producer?

    Should I get a referral from a producer? Or should I just look for an agent myself? I am not sure the producer I am negotiating with wants to recommend me an agent or manager. He only said something about me getting a lawyer. Is it considered bad manners to start looking one for myself?

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    No, it's not bad manners. But if you have a producer or anyone that will refer you to an agent-- go for it. That's the only way agents consider new clients. Managers are similar, though they also respond to queries where agents do not.
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      Ok. I think I will feel safer if he referred me to someone. On the other hand, I can see that he is reluctant to do so.

      So, I could just start emailing managers and tell them about my case in hope that someone gets interested? Or perhaps asking for an agent referral is enough?