Premature to seek agent/manager at this juncture?



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    Hi JeffLowell!

    Yes sir. I’ve been published: Simon & Shuster and Global Pequot.

    I do not at this moment have a lit agent.

    Robert Guinsler at Sterling Lord Literistic agented on one book and Bob DiForio on the other. Worked with Joe Veltre GershNY, project didn’t fly.

    On Monday I’m submitting the proposal (on subject of the proposed Scripted Limited Series) upon invitation from a referral, directly to CEO of Trident Media Group.

    That’s the extent of my exposure to lit agents.

    So I’m waiting to see if Trident offers before hunting to secure a lit agent. (God willing, one takes me on)

    Sorry for rambling on. Wanted to give you a comprehensive answer.

    Much respect for your accomplishment Jeff Lowell. Thanks!


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      You have a lot of contacts and accomplishments. I would not be shy about asking them all for referrals.


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        Thanks Jeff Lowell. I’ll do that. I needed to be prodded.
        Your advice is golden. Best wishes as you kill it.