Finding a Rep During the Strike



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  • Finding a Rep During the Strike

    I was stupid and didn't generate new material to query at this time. But I do have stuff I could query.

    I hope many of you are trying some reps now who can read your work, sign you, but can't do anything for you until the strike ends.

    Still they have a lot of free time to catch up on reading.

    I should probably reach out to reps I talk to before and catch up.

    But of course part of me feels I shouldn't do anything, but the reps this time aren't the ones we are fighting with like last agent fight.

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    About halfway down a Strike Captain says they don't want you to query reps during the strike-- ???

    Can you gain representation during the WGA strike? : r/Screenwriting (‚Äč


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      Isn't this so much fun??? I think everyone has different takes on it. Maybe reps don't even want more clients at this point anyway.


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        I think that strike captain can s*ck a d*ck.

        Like, yeah, don't be a scab. But if IATSE went on strike, they wouldn't tell non-union people to not do non-union work. Hell, they wouldn't even tell union people to not do union work, full stop. They would just tell you to not do union work under the contract you're striking over.

        Also, it's very, very hard to break in as a writer with no connections. I think it's asking a lot to tell people who aren't members of the guild to stop doing things that have nothing directly to do with the contract they're striking over and forego opportunities to get a foot in the door for later.

        Querying reps is just querying reps. Even when successful, a lot of the time it doesn't even lead to paid work.


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          I agree, querying reps is just that. Most of the time it's leading to nothing anyway...


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            Guild members having previously written projects out in the Cannes Market (brokered by their agencies) feels roughly five thousand times more damaging to strike goals than querying reps.


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              I wonder what managers are doing right now...


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                Originally posted by Bono View Post
                I wonder what managers are doing right now...

                king arther harris meme.jpg


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                  I should be banging out new material -- even a new TV pilot -- so I have something new to query with. It feels like this strike will go on for months at the very least.