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  • First meeting with an agency

    Flying out to LA in a week to meet with a talent agency regarding possible representation. This agency, along with another agency, requested a script of mine back in May. Both just happened to request the script at the same time.

    Both requested a follow up script as well.

    The agency I'm meeting with read script #2 and got back to me much faster than the other agency, and hence, requested a meeting.

    This is my question: should I try to set up a meeting with the other agency while I am there? Even though they have not gotten back to me to let me know if they liked the second script as much as the first?

    My first instinct is to let them come to me, if they should decide to at all. However, I do not want to pass up a chance to perhaps meet with both while I am out there.



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    By all means, call up Agency #2, tell them you're meeting with Agency #1 about your scripts and would like to meet with them as well. They should jump at the chance.

    Good luck, keep us posted, etc.



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      Hey Nostro -
      Congrats! I'm curious - did you have to follow up with the agencies or did they call you right after they read your first script?


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        Just lucky, I guess. Both got back to me after reading script #1. This of course, after several other agencies passed.


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          Did they get back to you right away or did it take several weeks?


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            It can't hurt to try to line up a meeting, but don't be surprised if Agency 2 doesn't bite. Are these the Big Boys? That would obviously make a lot of difference in regards to your initial question.


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              One has been around for years -- they even posted an interview on this board a couple years back. The other, is a start-up. Checked the credentials of the gentleman I spoke with -- so far, seems good -- but of course, that all remains to be seen. So who knows?

              I'm just excited to be coming back to LA after having lived there for four years. See my old friends, check out the new bars and clubs in Hollywood, etc.

              Thanks for the responses.


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                Oh, and to answer your question suckitupgirl: the one i am meeting with got back to me regarding my scripts within 2-3 weeks. The second agency took about 4-6 weeks.


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                  If you are getting positive feedback from industry, agency or otherwise, maximize your trip to town by checking out any local happenings, writers' groups, etc that may help you expand your network of helpful contacts.

                  You may be surprised what you can accomplish if you use every minute to further your career, rather than bank on one meeting that statisically will mean a small rise in the road that is ever changing its shape.

                  good luck