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    Any feedback on this management company?

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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Class 3 is newly formed and founded by a husband and wife team. The man, can't remember his name, has produced one low-budget indie film. And he's been running the Greatscripts email group for years now and attracted hundreds, if not thousands to that listserv. He also runs a few other email groups.

    As for Class 3, they haven't made any movies yet but I think they're trying to get set up as a production/management company. But I think he makes his money largely by teaching screenwriting classes and non-movie corporate consultation.


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      Class 3

      I know them personally, and they are good people. Yes, they are fairly new to LA. However, they are working very hard to gain traction, and like the rest of us, they have to eat and keep a roof overhead. Unlike many of us, they have some excellent contacts and connections.