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    Hi all,

    First time posting here (been lurking for a while), but was hoping to get everyone's insight:

    I had queried a manager with my last script. He responded saying he enjoyed it, but was looking for more commercial material. I didn't have anything else at the moment, time passed, I reached out to him with my current script, which is more commercial. He offered to read.

    I was polite. I didn't email on the weekend. Or after business hours. I'm not a crazy person. I'm a pretty nice dude.

    I checked in after a month. No response. 3 weeks later. Still no response.

    I know M. Botti and E. Blake had posted previously about being polite and such. But should it not go both ways? Obviously, this guy's not interested, and he's busy -- I get it -- but it would have taken him 5 seconds to type in the word, "pass," and hit send. Or "thanks, but no thanks." And I would have really appreciated either of these.

    Is this the norm? Do most people just never respond back? Or only respond back with a pass when they see potential?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Manager Reads / Responses

    Sadly the no response pass is pretty common in this industry... People don't like to say no, and sometimes they don't want to definitively say no in case your next project is the big thing. I've communicated with agents/execs asking them if they'd read material, to get NO reply, but then when I send an email about another topic or my next project they usually write back right away.

    I've also gotten a number of "no thanks, but send me your next project etc". The worst "No" you can get is when they say no but also basically tell you to never send anything again, which unfortunately I received from one or two places.


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      Re: Manager Reads / Responses

      Yeah, not to sound like a codger, but not too many years ago you'd almost always get a reply as to the final disposition. I've definitely noticed a change over time, and often you never hear a thing.

      Don't expect much, and you won't be disappointed.


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        Re: Manager Reads / Responses

        Welcome aboard Bods!

        Yep, that's a pass since you followed up after a month. But I betcha he recognizes you've been polite, decent about going about it altogether. I'd consider it an open door for the next idea. That's the way to go, I'd say.

        Good luck!!
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          Re: Manager Reads / Responses

          And it doesn't get any better. Surprisingly, people in this town try very very hard to not be dicks. But all it does is lead to obnoxious silence.

          I've pitched for studio assignments where I was in the room for an hour, breaking down the story, answering questions, making them laugh. It would end with a smile, a handshake, a "We'll be in touch."

          And then I get the call from my agent on the drive home - "They passed."

          Well, gee, they could have told me that back in the room. Instead, they let me give them a strip show with no intention of tipping. It's life, but it irks me.


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            Re: Manager Reads / Responses

            It's the dreaded silent pass. I always try to look at it from the pro's perspective: you're probably not thinking, "I can't wait to tell this person no!" It's more like, "well I should probably get back to him to let him know it's a pass. But there are all these other projects flying at me right now and maybe one them is the next Matrix, so to prioritize, let me get to those first." And pretty soon the "no" and your project are long-forgotten. That's the way I think of it at least. Don't worry about it and keep sending your stuff out.


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              Re: Manager Reads / Responses

              Thanks for all the info. everybody! Much appreciated.


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                Re: Manager Reads / Responses

                A couple months in the summer time is not an outrageous wait time. I'd keep following up. He probably hasn't gotten to it yet. Why would he not respond if he's already been emailing with you previously? He was probably on vacation and just doesn't have an answer because he hasn't read yet.
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                  Re: Manager Reads / Responses

                  Yeah, a lot of people just don't respond. I've gotten some on the phone before, and they were nice and said they'd check on it for me, then called or emailed later and let me know it was a pass (sometimes a polite reason why, such as 'We loved it but it was too big for us,' etc.).

                  So now I've learned to just send a polite follow up email about 3 months later, in case they just forgot or didn't realize I had sent it (happened in one case), and then forget about it unless they reply.


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                    Re: Manager Reads / Responses

                    I've actually had a response to an inquiry come an entire year later.

                    Know what I do? If I'm sending out blind, I forget them after I send them and move onto my next project. Then follow up with a few a month or so later.

                    If some show interest, I'll politely follow up, asking if they'd had a chance to read it.

                    There are a few good producers who will respond. And respond to follow ups well.

                    There's a successful producer who accepts my queries and actually said, "I apologize for not getting back to you sooner..." This is after he had told me he was really busy and he'd get to it as soon as he could.

                    I've got a lot of respect for that. Those are the kind of people I want to work with.

                    My point is, don't dwell on the people that DON"T respond-- focus on the ones that DO.

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