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    …and on that note an anecdote supporting my question:

    So, there was (was, past tense) this agency called Resolution. I knew [very well] an agent who, early on, was recruited. I had inside info as to the goings on from day one. Day one was a joy. Everyone was getting paid a far better salary than their previous gig [often times double, or more. Literally you got the number your lawyer asked for]. But as the months wore on, the top recruits could be seen chilling in their offices [no sh*t] fvcking around on Facebook et al. They were supposed to be the ones to anchor the company, instead packaging became difficult. [THIS IS THE MOMENT I WOULD HAVE LIKED TO KNOW WHAT THE TEMP WAS INSIDE THE BUILDING IF I WAS BEING COURTED TO SIGN WITH THEM.] Morale started to wane. Resentment began to build. Stress levels began to build. The deal with China looked to be a savior. A new invigoration of finances. Hopes rose. Few in the building new the real story. China was going AWOL. Literally not returning phone calls. Paranoia set in. Agents were asked to cut their salaries by hundreds of thousands literally overnight. [NEW CLIENTS WERE STILL BEING SIGNED]. Secretly, agents began putting out feelers, unbeknownst to their assistants. Finally, agents began leaving. Then more. Some stayed and went down with the ship. The contracts were worthless. Everyone's lawyer told them to forget suing, not worth your time. Some, I believe, left not even collecting on their expenses. And then the doors were closed for good a couple years after it opened.

    ...Yes, I like to know the temp inside the building agency/firm wide. It's a reasonable question. Because it doesn't matter who your agent is if they are working in that environment, they can't do a good job for you. In fact, they are spending the bulk of their time trying to line up new employment. Meanwhile, you have no clue until they announce they're going to _____ agency. The rest of the story you read in the trades, and even that doesn't tell you everything.
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