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  • Follow up w/ manager read - same for feature as pilot


    I have a couple of managers who requested reads on features and production company that requested read on a pilot (sitcom). How long should I wait to follow up on features vs. pilots? Or should I just wait for them and they'll contact me if there's a reason?

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    Re: Follow up w/ manager read - same for feature as pilot

    Im kinda surprised [i shouldn't be] how much this question is asked here.

    Dingo, follow up in exactly 3 weeks. And never again after that. Don't waste their time with over-politeness [i see so many people suggesting overweight politeness, I know these people, swear, they don't care. They LOVE brevity.]


    Hi _____,

    Just checking in.

    Thank you,


    -----> Promise. They love that.

    Ps... Put the title of your script as the header. Done. Quick. Brief. Perfect. They fvcking HATE over explanation. Promise. They also HATE you getting back to them too soon, and too much. Once and they wrote you off. Promise, or your money back.

    When I'm checking in with my producer it's literally:

    "Hi _____. Checking in."



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      Re: Follow up w/ manager read - same for feature as pilot

      Thanks - that's a great answer - much appreciated.


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        Re: Follow up w/ manager read - same for feature as pilot

        You got it! And my bad, it was supposed to be "overwrought" not "overweight." Spellcheck kicked me in the nutz.

        As a general rule: The less you say in an email the more they love you [writers love to over explain sh*t. I mean, look at all my responses for fvck's sake].

        Also, and for me this is a big one: It implies your script its tight. You want that implication.

        Ps… the worst line I see in queries is: "Thank you for your consideration. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy day. I respect and value your time. Please let me know if you'd like to read it. I can email it to you, or mail it, or carrier pigeon. Thanks, again. Hope you have a good rest of your week. Take care now. Talk soon I hope. I look forward to your thoughts. Okay, bye for now."

        ^^^THAT'S what the extra politeness reads like for them, as they haven't done anything for you, yet. It feels presumptuous to them, as if you're pressuring them to do something, meanwhile they don't even know if they like your script.

        They honestly don't care to read extra chit chat, and frankly don't have time. "Thank you!" is the standard thanks/closing across the board in Hollywood, anything beyond that is superfluous and feels contrived and desperate. Unless someone sells your sh*t, then gush, gush, gush and buy them a bottle of ____ or rad flowers if it's a chick [unless she loves a good Scotch ] These people are rarely thanked when it's APPROPRIATE to thank them. Irony.

        ^^^A convo I had with an agent friend of mine. Agent at a big: "I'm rarely thanked by my clients when we make a deal. It's always about them. Agenting is a thankless job where there's always someone pissed at you with every deal." Honestly, your agent will be pleasantly shocked if you buy them a gift thanking them for the sale. I've rarely seen it [shame on those who don't -- sure, they commission 10% but that goes to keep the agency lights on/The Partners pockets/valuation -- sure, they get a year end bonus, but even a hand written note says more than "okay, cool, when do I get my check from BA?" I buy gifts. Someone pointed out to not forget about the assistants. True. They work hard for you too. I need to not forget that.

        That concludes my overwrought ramblings… for the time being.
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