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  • Primary Wave?

    Just heard about these folks...

    They rep "Oscar winning screenwriters/directors Jim Rash (Descendants), Mike Radford (Il Postino) and Bobby Moresco (Crash), Oni Press, among others."

    Any personal experiences to report?

    Contact info, please?
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    Re: Primary Wave?

    Looks like a lot of guys from Evolution. They repped some decent enough writers, but AFAIK really never had any success breaking new talent. I know it's not the be-all end-all, but you never see their names on the Black or Hit lists.


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      Re: Primary Wave?

      I used to be rep'ed by Evolution. Basically what happened is Evolution got bought by Primary Wave, which is primarily a music representation/production company, and some of the lit managers stayed and others left. It seemed to me like the focus of Primary Wave was much more focused on the talent side. The New York side of the lit department at Evolution, which included the head of the department and which rep'ed most of their talent, decided to leave the company and start their own called Ellipsis. That's around the time I decided to depart, so I don't know what really happened after that.

      But as as Levenger said, neither party has really been making waves since then...
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