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  • Staffing TV Writers: an agent question

    Hello all.
    I recently signed with a big agency for TV lit. It is my first staffing season as a signed writer.

    Are agents more likely/more able to/more interested in staffing their writers on shows that are repped by the same agency? If I am at Agency A but have a connection to a showrunner on a new show at Agency B that is staffing up, would an agent not want to put me up for this -- and on top of that, should/would agent be honest with me and tell me reasons for not putting me up for a show?

    I've been reading up on all the packaging deal drama as much as possible but still, I'm new to this and trying to wrap my head around everything without asking my agent a million questions and potentially sounding dumb. That's what this forum is for.

    Thanks in advance for any answers.

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    Re: Staffing TV Writers: an agent question

    This may all be moot, since the WGA/ATA kerfuffle, but if you had a specific connection to a showrunner, your agent would likely have no problem submitting you to that show, even if the showrunner was with another agency. Happens all the time.