WGA votes to restrict agency packaging



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    Re: WGA votes to restrict agency packaging

    yeah, i'm ba-ack!

    so, the WGA is suing the big four and there's an interesting section in the Deadline article that is especially disturbing regarding Meredith Stiehm sold Cold Case to CBS...
    "When the show was sold, CAA negotiated a packaging fee for itself, without my knowledge,- Stein said in remarks at the press conference. "It wasn't until six years and 134 episodes later that I learned about it. It turned out that on the show I created, I worked on exclusively for years, CAA ended up making 94 cents for every dollar I earned. That is indefensible. An agency should make 10% of what a client makes - not 20, not 50, not like in my case, 94%. 10% is enough.-

    Packaging has been allowed under the WGA's franchise agreement with the agencies since 1976. But Segall said Wednesday that "the guild has been uncomfortable with packaging forever.- He added that in the mid-1970s the guild filed lawsuits against then-William Morris Agency, in which a settlement was reached that allowed the guild to attempt to regulate packaging. That, however, was "completely unsuccessful,- he said, and in recent years the TV packaging agencies "have abandoned the 10% commission model- and now rely almost entirely on packaging fees.
    i'm pretty sure the packaging fees 40 years ago were not what they are today. it's crazy.

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      Re: WGA votes to restrict agency packaging

      Just popping in to say the bias being shown by Deadline is really becoming quite hilarious. Their ATA slant is so blatant at this point.


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        Re: WGA votes to restrict agency packaging

        It would be interesting to see the contract regarding the packaging fee to see what else apart from bringing the writer to the table the package was. Did they bring actors, producers or directors? Money? Foreign markets? Or was their contribution soley the writer?
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