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    Re: Entertainment Lawyer Recommendations

    I guess my question at this point is: Who is this person [rhetorical], and what's their juice? We talking major player or some dude off the street? I think that part matters... A LOT!

    IDK, I feel like 6 months is plenty of time to know if anything's gonna happen with it. Easy enough to stretch that if there's *real* traction. Personally, I'll never do an 18 month option. Frick that!

    I feel like if it's not a straight sale... death sentence. Anyone here got something made off an option? I'm trying to think, when I was a pretend manager (My W2 just said "manager" but I felt like a fake one) the only things we sold that got made were straight sales. Everything we optioned never got made. We had many option renews, but they never got made. We had 3 films get made in one year, just say'n, none were options (2 of them up for oscars/globes... man those were the days... now I'm a looser again. Ha!)
    Bruh, fukkin *smooches*! Feel me? Ha!