WGA files RICO case vs. ATA in Federal District Court



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    Re: WGA files RICO case vs. ATA in Federal District Court

    Book agents: as in book to film or publishing?

    In book to film deals I’ll say this... the big agencies don’t really GET what those agents do, because they’re so micro focused on their bottom line, and nothing else. They fail to realize, yeah that $10,000 bullish!t book option is what brought an A-list actor, A-List director, and A-List producer to the fukkin table for this package deal. WHAT IS THAT PACKAGING DEAL WORTH? Like 10 million? 10% is a million bucks, based on a 10k book option that got A-Listers excited enough to attach. And yeah, those creatives actually read the damn book.

    That’s one thing book to film agents battle “Bruh, I’m bringing in material that can be packaged for a lotta money, fukkin GET ME? You keep saying you want to package, WTF!?” Instead they want every book to sell for a million bucks. It’s just not realistic.
    Bruh, fukkin *smooches*! Feel me? Ha!