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    Re: Representation as a director

    I don't know crap, but would it make sense to show those projects he wants to direct scripts right away or maybe wait to see how meetings go... feel them out... focus on the short film - feature film... see if they pitch him anything first?

    I'm just worried they will now judge the director on the screenplays he didn't write, but loves and is that better than just your great short film itself?

    I just think the hot director is the property -- not the scripts themselves. Unless you feel these scripts are so amazing you think these writers should be repped today and it's just bad luck that they aren't repped... I think I'd feel differently if the writers had been repped before.

    I'm just giving you the other side. I'm a writer, not a director, but I do know that sometimes when you get over excited and pitch too much -- they can't take it all in.

    I don't know what your dream assignments are, but I always wanted to make a halloween, f13 or freddy movie. So if I'm a horror person, I may kind of sit there, hopefully they have stuff to offer me.