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  • Writer/Directors and the WGA

    Hi all

    I'm a writer/director caught in this messy WGA/ATA stand-off.

    I am (was) repped by one of the big agencies and I am a classic example of someone who worked incredibly hard to find a great agent, was thrilled with how things were going, and is now agent-less.

    One of my projects is a feature film that I wrote and will direct.

    I would really love to work with my agent on it.

    Can he represent me as a director? How does that scenario play out?

    I would specifically love to hear from fellow writer/directors.

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    Re: Writer/Directors and the WGA

    Congratulations on getting to the stage of directing your own film. Regarding your question, I think it's better if you ask someone at the WGA. From my limited experience of interacting with them, they are very nice and helpful. By the way, are you in the DGA as well?
    Manfred Lopez Grem
    Writer - Director



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      Re: Writer/Directors and the WGA

      Congrats Travis.

      I totally agree with Manfred (can we call you Manny?) on this. The WGAW is incredibly helpful, but I suspect they're mostly working from home at this point; I know my comms dept. liaison is, so you may be interacting primarily via email. Although I think I remember you being NY based, so not sure about WGAE.

      I do know a bit about working with the Guild as a writer-director on an ultra-low budget film which was NOT DGA covered. PM me if you want specifics.

      Not knowing your situation, prodco, studio, etc., I would be concerned that your agent doesn't have any incentive or responsibility to negotiate for the writer side of the deal. If he gets larger directing fees and deal points on the directing side at the expense of your writing fees and deal points then what happens if you as director get booted off the project and are then left with your crappy writer's deal? This could affect your health benefit eligibility. What guarantees do you have that you either can't be replaced as a director (unlikely) or there are sufficient ($$$$) penalties for doing so?

      Best of luck with this.
      Just my 2 cents, your mileage may vary.

      -Steve Trautmann
      3rd & Fairfax: The WGAW Podcast