A good time for new US reps?



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    Re: A good time for new US reps?

    Originally posted by huntaaar View Post
    Thanks, everyone for the comments and advice.

    Perhaps I was a little modest in that I have done a handful of UK and US deals before, and am lucky enough to be working with some established producers/directors etc already.

    What I was really asking was about the mood about town, the appetite in this specific climate etc.


    A (short version) note on competitions since there seems to be some debate. I have a script that has won me my last three film commissions. I entered it into some competitions and schemes out of curiosity. It didn't place anywhere. Didn't make the first cut on the BBC Drama thing, nothing. Ever. While at the same time, I've had decorated producers loving it and looking to work with me... Bottom line, I don't think competitions are worth much at all and will never bother with them again.

    This is just a personal subjective experience. but I wouldn't lose any sleep over never getting into or placing in a comp, or put too much effort into it either.
    I agree, the only competition I entered was one that was a diversity award, the nicholl in 2019, and the nicholl in 2020. I did a lot of research on all the others and there is nothing appealing to me about them. Nicholl of course because it's Nicholl. Everyone who wins that is onto big things, imo.

    But I agree with the above sentiment shared by the poster.

    One of the producers who's optioned one of my scripts is in the UK. I reached out to him personally actually because of the international nature of the story. He had worked in Hollywood for a while prior. So I do think that the UK is a solid place to be actually, there are people with great connections there. It's not as good as LA.

    You don't have to be in LA if you want to write films. If you want to write TV you really have to be.

    Yes, come on over to LA for awhile, see how you like it.