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  • New to forums -- Comedy specific manager recommendations?

    Hi, I'm new to these forums. Sorry if this has been asked before.

    I'm a comedy screenwriter and I was wondering if there are any literary managers that take unsolicited submissions?

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    Re: New to forums -- Comedy specific manager recommendations?


    No managers or agents want submissions. But they will read email queries "Will you read my comedy script?" and then if they say yes, then you send it off.

    Never attached a piece of work to an email query. First ask persmission to send. If you send attachments they will be blocked or deleted w/o reading.

    So first step is making sure your script is ready. If it's your first one, I'd take a pause and make sure. Make sure you've got feedback on your logline and had notes on your spec.

    So second step if you really think you have a spec that is worthy (first post so I'm assuming maybe not...) is to gets a list of managers/emails and send them a short short query letter with the title, logline and would you like to read. thank you.

    I'm one of the comedy people around here, so you can PM me if you want for more specific advice or post more info here such as how many specs you've written, so we can guide you.

    I didn't query my first spec, I queired, I think my 4th....


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      Re: New to forums -- Comedy specific manager recommendations?

      Cool. Another comedy person. Welcome.

      Yeah. I'd say query whoever you can get contact info for regardless. Even better if you know they rep other comedy writers. Most will ignore you. Some won't. Be prepared to email a lot of people and hear nothing.

      Although, depending on how many specs you have under your belt, querying may or may not be a good idea.


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        Re: New to forums -- Comedy specific manager recommendations?

        Originally posted by writinginthesun
        A lot of them started as wanting to be writers or filmmakers, then became agents or managers. Now they ignore writers who are in the position they were once in.
        Welcome to this board! I also think it's cool to have another comedy writer. So, double welcome!

        Regarding the topic of agents and managers... It can be challenging and I share your frustration. But I disagree in saying that most of them are failed writers or filmmakers. Most of them work extremely hard at building their companies and their clients careers. When I first started out, I interned at a few management companies in LA, so I saw first hand all the hard work that goes into it.

        The problem I see is that most beginning writers fail to study up on how it works on a very basic level. The first thing to understand is that the writer has to be 'ready' to be managed, which means already generating interest from 'the town' on their own. If there is no interest, then there is nothing to 'manage.' So the best strategy in my opinion is to focus on building a network of potential future readers / influencers of your work, while you keep honing your craft. In other words, each time you finish a new screenplay, you should have a bigger list of people eager to read your work. It can start with assistants and fellow writers. Then work your way up, 'conquering' contacts ever higher up the food chain. The secret to knowing when someone is truly eager to read your work, is when they ask you instead of you asking them. This only happens if they have already read your previous work or if they've heard of you from someone else.
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