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    Originally posted by Bono View Post

    CLICK BAIT is a great title for a spec. Click here to find out why....
    ohmygod, CLICK BAIT is a great title.
    "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist,- Pablo Picasso


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      Originally posted by DaltWisney View Post

      I've read heavily from it 3 of the past 4 years. Roughly 100-120 scripts in total.

      It's a mixture of concept scripts, execution scripts, and scripts that do both very well.

      If you define greatness as the ability to generate attention and positive traction for the writer then almost by default all stuff that makes the Black List is great.

      If you define greatness in terms of, "Wow, I want to see this!" then it's going to be a smaller percentage.

      What I'd say is that, even if the script isn't jaw-dropping on every level, there's almost always something positive you can latch on to (concept, voice, subject matter, etc).

      With some of them, you think, 'This is a writing sample.' With others it's, 'This is a movie.'

      A killer concept executed to an average pro level seems more likely to end up on screen than the pure voice scripts. Just my opinion based on tracking stuff from there for ~4 years. Of course I'd love to get on there with anything. It means people are responding strongly to your work.
      To be clear my point was simple. I’ve written 3 specs that could easily have been on the black list. And many others here can say the same thing. A few members past and present have made the list.

      It’s not the impossible bar to climb. So dream you’ll make the list is my point. But it’s still things you can’t control like politics. It’s not a list that is 100% pure. Like any list. Favors can be called in. Just saying don’t take it as these are the best specs and mine is crap. Not true.