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  • Advice for first meeting with director on script I wrote

    Hi there,

    I wrote a script for producers that's been making the rounds. After a positive first meeting with an interested director, producers have scheduled a call this week so that director and I can meet.

    So far I've watched all her past stuff, have a list of softball creative questions, and plan to keep the vibe super positive (even if I have to fake it). Any suggestions on how I can nail this meeting? Good questions to ask? What to avoid?

    Producers have financing lined up and believe this director can trigger casting. Just want to make a good impression.


    -Irwin P.
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    If the director has done more than you career wise -- which I'll assume they have -- I'd let them run the meeting and just be super positive the whole time. Even if they say things you disagree with, I'd bury that for now.

    Congrats on getting this far. This is when you know you are a good writer when you have to ask questions like this... awesome!


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      Don’t be a weirdo and say yes to each of her ideas.

      I am sure the producers will hold a prep call with you. Ask the names of the cast they have in mind for certain roles. They will have likely already discussed but if the director asks it’s good to be aligned with the producers on that front.


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        What Bono and Satriales said. The director and producer will most likely do most of the talking and probably give you lots of praise and a few things they think could be changed. Just nod and smile and be as charming and polite as possible. You will only need to say probably 10 words the entire call/meeting.


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          The advice given here is priceless. Take it. Your job at a meeting like this is to listen and NOT ask questions unless they relate to things she says you don't understand. This is an interview of YOU to see if YOU'LL stay with the project. Not the other way around. It'll be her vision of the script if she takes the job. So.... You're cooperative and a very good listener. That will go a long way.


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            Bono , Satriales, grumpywriter, @EdFury: Thanks for the advice. Will be sure to inquire about casting and be my usual agreeable self. 🎬