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  • Alternative methods to get attention from TV producers and media

    I am not even sure if it is appropriate to ask it in here. Is there anyone who became successfull scriptwriter by pursuing a different way?

    Like what about making pilot episode in animation format or publishing it as collection of short stories in certain websites later to get recognition and possibly be approached by TV producers?

    Is there anyone who became successfull scriptwriter by being approached TV producers?

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    All the time...

    ...or at least they attract reps and potential buyers but whether they ultimately become successful scriptwriters, well, that's up for debate. One flurry of interest a few years back surrounded Ryan Riley's story at, ENCYCLOPEDIA DAD as a television vehicle. Lots of others like that, too, especially at Reddit's NO SLEEP forum.

    But you have to be REALLY good storyteller in other mediums who attracts a LOT of readers.


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      Industry people look for great stories everywhere: news articles, real life events/situations, novels, short stories, graphic novels, games, blogs, vlogs, webisodes, pitches. Cooper nailed it. The key is that you have to be a good storyteller.

      Anyone can write a properly formatted screenplay. What sells isn't format, it's a good story.
      "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist,- Pablo Picasso


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        People can break into screenwriting many different ways although I'd say breaking in via writing a script (be it a feature or TV pilot) has become extremely rare. Nowadays you need "IP" (ie, a novel or comic or something already out there that has a lot readers and a large audience) or some kind of a "platform"(ie, a social media account with millions of followers). THEN - maybe you write the script based on your IP or whatever you do on your platform, but it's not the most important thjng. The most important thing is that you already have a built-in audience and a product already-proven to sell and entertain people. Not saying it's impossible to break in with a script, but it is becoming increasingly rare.


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          Thanks for advices, seems I'd be better off with having logline, one-sheet and pilot episode only.