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    I'm not against writing the one you liked, I was just excited for this one. My goal to was to write mini outlines of a few ideas before deciding which one I have the most complete. The one I like I still have a lot to figure out.

    I think you have PM off. It used to be you could have a buddy list, but now it seems to be on/off for all.

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      I opened up my private messages (Centos was correct).


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        My thinking is that people in the film business get so tired of the same rehashed knockoffs that fresh stuff can be a welcome change if it's executed well.

        I read every script on the 2020 Black List and there were some wild swings:

        BUBBLE AND SQUEAK - When they are caught smuggling illegal cabbages, a couple honeymooning in a strange country must flee the police.
        A materialistic corporate headhunter leads a double life as a bloodthirsty cannibal.
        POSSUM SONG - When his ghost writer dies, a country star isolated in a recording studio in the woods must make increasingly large sacrifices to appease a bloodthirsty possum in order to receive its help completing his next album.
        THE BOY WHO DIED - A grieving young woman's life unexpectedly intersects with elderly, terminally-ill actor Daniel Radcliffe when she constructs a robot replica of Harry Potter for a school talent show.
        THE SAUCE -
        A young black man with pressing financial needs takes a job at a controversial new hair salon that's connected to the disappearance of other young black men in the area, uncovering a bizarre thirst for human fluids. (spoiler alert: old white women are harvesting power from the jizz of young black men...ummm.....yeahhhh...okay...)
        TOWERS - A man increasingly out of touch with the changing world has his life thrown into turmoil by a rival business across the street from his work, his daughter's cancer diagnosis, a new love interest, and a suped-up racing car that could provide a path to glory.

        Towers and Bubble and Squeak don't sound too crazy, but are definitely unique when you read them. Bubble and Squeak is one of the more whimsical specs I've read.

        You can tell from the concepts that the others are pretty out there.

        I hated a couple of these and thought they were just empty shock value, but I do think it helps demonstrate that coming out of left field with a crazy premise can force people to pay attention. If you've been reading John Wick and Quiet Place knockoffs all year, the story about cannibals or jizz drinking witches is probably going to hit different.

        However, most of the scripts on the list did not stray too far from the conventions of what you would typically see in a multiplex or arthouse, so I'm not sure you HAVE to go buck wild to get buzz. A well-executed minor variation on well-worn genre conventions is also something that will find fans.


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          Don't Be Boring can go a long way.

          It's funny if the scripts everyone told me "won't sell" should have been the ones I should have been writing the whole time.


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            I was listening to a manager who some of you I think are repped by here (1 or 2) talk about how he encouraged a writer to write a stunt script to break into the industry knowing it would not sell, but it would open doors, and it did just that. It's one of the famous ones about the 45th POTUS' son that was recently on the black list. I don't like to type that name, it annoys me. But you know the one.

            Anyway -- it was direct confirmation about what I was considering. It didn't come from the writer, but the rep suggesting it. And that firm gets on the blacklist a lot, so I'm sure they have encouraged other writers to do the same. It's good advice. WRITING FOR THE TOWN.

            It was basically first you have to write for the readers in town -- the executives -- please them -- and then that help you "break in" and help you get on the lists to get paid work/assignments.

            Get yourself ON THE MAP and become well known in the industry. Build a fan base.

            Some idea that is bold/loud and appeals to the industry audience which may not be the same as the movie going audience. And not necessarily something that is commercial.

            Straight down the middle isn't going to get it done for the writer. The goal is to make the logline so loud and so bold that the industry reader is going to want to read that first in their pile of 30 specs on their desk or on their ipad for the wkd read. Something like a bio pic. Something out of left field.

            Because basically specs are not the way most writers are making money these days which most of us know. They are there to open doors. So if the spec is NOT going to sell anyway, why not write one that will show off your writing chops and get noticed by the town vs having a 0.00001% chance of selling?

            There is passion. But at this point in my career, I have to use more strategy. It's obviously easier if I have a rep already who agreed with this approach, but obviously writers are doing this by themselves before they land a rep as well...

            What do you think?

            I love the idea of writing something to SELL YOU THE WRITER even if it WON'T SELL.


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              Yes but my serial killer story is different, he's a priest and his brother is a cop.


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                Originally posted by Satriales View Post
                Yes but my serial killer story is different, he's a priest and his brother is a cop.
                Like "True Confessions" ? Loosely based on the Black Dahlia murder mystery.
                Until I can find a quote from Pope Francis regarding one licking one's butt in the Vatican I'll post this:
                Halloween Writing Contest 2021.
                Halloween contest 2021 - Done Deal Pro


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                  Thanks guys very insightful posts. Don't make me join reddit.


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                    Originally posted by Satriales View Post
                    Yes but my serial killer story is different, he's a priest and his brother is a cop.
                    But they have to work together to stop their father, a retired hitman coming out of retirement for one more job . . .


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                      As far as I know several writers managed to join the industry in here by creating their fan bases first. Instead of trying to catch someones, its way more logical for writers to make themselves worth to be approached. Some of them had shoot their script with their friends and published their stories on Youtube. Of course nothing was professional but it was a solid way to prove the passion to executives.

                      I do believe shooting scripts or animating them is probably a necessary step to start the process. It doesn't matter how great the script is when people won't read, or it doesn't matter either if I have 1 script or 100 scripts.

                      Screenplay format is also nothing like writing a novel so its even harder to find someone to read. But if it is visualized people won't pass so easily.

                      I am also a casual viewer and my decisive factor to watch them is their pilot episodes or the first half hour of films. I won't continue to watch them if I didn't like the first half hour of them even if they have very good loglines. Probably people who are yonger than me are even less patient.

                      So in sum up if you really truly believe that you have a good story and you are a good storyteller really other's opinions worth nothing. Some managers turned off Breaking Bad some of them laughed the person who created Spider Man but they never compromised their ideas to appease them because they knew they had good stories.