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    First, welcome! No disrespect to our very talented and dedicated DDP "lifers," but I think all would agree that this forum could use some new folks and fresh perspectives.

    Two completely unqualified suggestions, one trivial and a bit self-serving, the other genuine (if not useful):
    1. Consider entering our DDP 3-page writing contest (Just Write It!). Doing so may give you an immediate and obtainable writing goal, which can help you break through doubt, self esteem and other issues. And, you might even have some fun reading and critiquing other's work.
    2. Consider getting this book, Atomic Habits, a NY Times #1 bestseller. I bought it with some Xmas gift money, and love it. Basically, it's a practical handbook to help you break free of destructive habits and mindsets, and replace them with constructive ones.


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      Just an update. I opened up my laptop and did some proofreading on my unfinished screenplay. Then I added a bit to it, maybe just a scene. Anyway, that’s the first time I’ve written in at least 2 years. It felt good. Thank you, guys. I know I’ve said that before but I really can’t thank you enough for being supportive and understanding.


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        Acooljt wrote:
        I wouldn’t ever wanna give up on writing because even though my scripts may never get made, I still enjoy them for my own sake. I love my work, even if I’m the only person who does. I really got excited about my unfinished script after I went back and read it upon my therapist’s suggestion. It gave me the warm fuzzies.
        What you said is, ultimately, what writing is all about. It ought to be something that makes you feel a sense of personal accomplishment and joy. You should never tie your writing to financial success or to public acclaim. I suppose it would be wonderful to have those things, but if you see writing as something more than a paying vocation, then you can still have success in it. I think you expressed the same idea in the quote that I used from one of your posts.

        I was about to say that I have never been paid for anything that I wrote. But that is not entirely true, if you count certain kinds of writing. I have worked in about three different careers. The second one was in university public relations, where I wrote a hell of a lot of news stories. Yes, I got paid for that. But for my precious jewels of thought and wisdom, things written in wonderful prose through the decades ... not a penny for all of that. I should add that I was not really trying to make a career in that kind of thing. I just wanted to write and to do it well.

        It is good that you seeing a therapist. You will probably need to keep doing that indefinitely. Depression, for many people, is just something to live with every day. But living with it, coping with it, does not mean that it has to become your life. Instead, it can just be a part of your life that you have to drag along with you, instead of letting it drag you into a pit of despair.

        "The fact that you have seen professionals write poorly is no reason for you to imitate them." - ComicBent.