Faux Pas: Share missteps Rep-Producer Meeting



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  • Faux Pas: Share missteps Rep-Producer Meeting

    Hi. Thought it might be fun and helpful to share how things may have gone wrong in Rep or Producer meetings or phone calls. What worked or DIDN’T work experiences.

    Here’s one: 5 yrs. Ago I met with Al Ruddy-2-time Oscar winner Best Pic. Think his office was on Beverly. I brought my co-author on book I adapted, and my partner who used to assist me in securing life rights. Al read my screenplay; we meet.

    Al a very cool guy, talking long shznit about how he got into the biz. Ground floor on up stories. Seems he put subject of my book in one of his films many moons before. My rights guy’s eyes start glazing over right when Al rolls into his big break of creating Hogan’s Heroes tv series. I look over. Oh no. The eyelids are dropping. Al’s beaming at dude. Boom. He’s out. Zzzzzzz. Al graciously hosts for another half hour. Everyone pretends Sleeping Besuty is invisible. An occasional snore pipes throw other room. 😂 😂

    I was sitting too far away to throttle dude. Al was so cool; kinda smirked… not quite a chuckle. Time to go. I shake dude,”Hey! I know you drove all the way from Seattle yesterday, but you can’t just come into a meeting and sleep in the man’s chair! Al; full belly laugh. Sez: “No problem. I’ve seen plenty of things in this town.”

    Gave notes. No obligation. Liked story. Wanted it re-worked by a $100k caliber writer. Said if another producer arranges that, his door is open. 😂

    I always went in solo after that. I should have known better before then. My same guy, another earlier project, in meeting with Holly Davis Carter, Usher’s agent at the time he was white-hot. We meet. My guy sitting there throughout meeting like a deaf mute. 😂. Holly finally asks him, “And what do you do?” The mute is taken by surprise. He magically finds a voice, but all he can do is blurt out, “Family!” 😂. She n I exchange looks. We silently agree he’s a moron. ( which directly implies I’m also a moron, since I brought him). 😂. Nice lady. No deal.