Need help understanding what this request means



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    Re: Need help understanding what this request means

    Thanks, everyone. Lots of Nay's here. I'm going to banter with them and see if they fork up some token signing amount. my guess is they'll laugh in my face, and throw me out on my ass, but hey...gotta take one for the Writers team!

    Will revert soon.


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      Re: Need help understanding what this request means

      I am a newbie, so please take what I have to say with a grain of salt.

      I just happened to read an article today about optioning off a script and freebies.

      According to what I read, it's not good to do anything for FREE. You have to wonder why they can't just option the script and then pay you to rewrite it...I would definitely get a lawyer to read all the fine print.

      I mean it is a huge plus that this company has a track record, but do you really want to work for free? Once you work for free, you set a precedent for yourself.

      On the other hand, if you choose not to do the rewrite is there a chance that you will lose out on the end?

      These are all things you should really discuss with a lawyer, manager or agent.

      If you can't get a lawyer, maybe you can contact an agent who will be wiling to rep you now that you have a bite. An experienced agent may be willing to help you out since you have expressed interest. Also, by signing with an agent you may be able to avoid costly legal fees. In addition, many agents have their own lawyers.

      Just food for thought. Not legal advice.