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  • Firing a producer

    Hi everyone,

    Long time reader, first time asker.

    My situation:
    I gave a producer friend of mine the right to go to two European networks with a project of mine. His attachment as producer was contingent upon the sale being made to either of these two entities. I put his name on the pitched materials as producer. The pitches went well, but nothing came of it.

    My question:
    Since our arrangement was made casually via email and in person, would I need to present him with some sort of signed official document telling him he's not part of the project anymore?

    I don't really need him attached going forward and he brought nothing to the table accept his contacts at the two networks.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Firing a producer

    I hope the producer's name isn't Paulo Branco:

    I'm just sort-of-hopefully-kidding.

    But you really need legal advice when setting up any arrangements, or at least full audit trails. Maybe your emails will be good enough, or the advice of an attorney (not us here on this board). But at the very least, one way or another, you better find out what the producer thinks it all means.


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      Re: Firing a producer

      Email is tricky. It is in writing, but it's not quite a signed contract. Were you explicit about the terms as you laid them out here?


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        Re: Firing a producer

        Did you have a signed attachment agreement with him? Did he do any development? If the answer is no to both, you should be in the clear.