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    I've read some threads on here, as well as some material on Google, but very little specific/detailed on how to approach this as a new writer. So, how do you pitch an anthology series to tv/streaming services? And by anthology, I mean episodic, not seasonal.

    What goes in the Bible and how many "finished" scripts should one have? For example, let's say one has an idea for a dark thriller/mystery series. Think Black Mirror, the new Twilight Zone...

    These scripts would run 50-60 minutes each. Looking at similar projects, realistically, one would expect roughly 6-8 budget friendly scripts to be considered a season, with more material on reserve to prove it's sustainable if the potential audience wanted more.

    But how do you pitch this idea? Like the nuts and bolts? The pilot is finished, the outlines/treatments for future episodes are laid out in black and white and ready to be written. Getting a rep on board is obviously key, but what will they want to see? What should be ready NOW for a producer's eyes?
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    Re: Pitching Anthology Series

    If i had an anthology series, 9 times out of 10 I'm guessing the shorthand pitch will be "It's The Twilight Zone but..."

    With Black Mirror, the "but" is modern technology and the anxiety (or worse) that it can create in the users.

    Unless it's a completely different fish, e.g., the new Dolly Parton series on Netflix where each episode is a story from a different song of hers, I would be trying to sell them on what the specific hook for this series is, which will be reflected in each episode even if the stories themselves range widely from show to show