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    My My My, all this over a suit! LOL!

    Calm down !
    Chill out!
    Have a beer or

    This post is not directed to everybody, only to the posters (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)who had something negative say.

    1st of all, You don't know me from Adam and have no way of knowing if I've sold anything or been to a meeting or what! So why make snap judgements against me?

    C'mon now, it aint that's only dialoge, no point in getting all pissed and upset about!

    Why all the animosity , dude wear whatever the hell you
    want ok?
    it's cool with me, i dont care.......chill the [email protected]# out!

    If you want to dress like a bum at a pitch meeting then dress like a bum. If you want to dress in a suit then wear a suit!

    If you want to wear a thong thong thong and zebra print cowboy boots then wear it.

    If you want to wear a dirty wife-beater t-shirt and faded jeans with the butt cut out then by all means do so!
    It doesnt matter to me, whatever floats your boat.

    It's a free country and you've got your opinion just like i've got mine, no right or wrong answers here just a matter of personal taste.


    too bad this aint the 1940s or we would not be having this wonderful discussion


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      Kklstef - Sort of On Topic

      You have a Penn State Sweatshirt too?!!!! Course, after last season, did you still wear it in public?

      You know how everything in PA (well, central PA anyway) is Penn State oriented? Go to won't find a PSU sweatshirt, bumper sticker or whatever within miles of LA! Nittany Lions are no where to be found! It's like no one's even HEARD of Penn State!

      Anyway, when I worked out in Hollywood....the dress code for writers coming to pitch stuff was nice casual. Jeans were the most common thing I saw worn. Women usually dressed up a little more than the guys...with a jacket over their shirt/blouse/t-shirt. What people wore really wasn't an issue. In fact, I loved being able to come into the office wearing jeans and a sweatshirt/t-shirt (not all the time, but I still could). It was great. Back east, you come into work wearing that and it's either "casual day" at the office or you're coming in on your day off.



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        Re: Kklstef - Sort of On Topic

        Bri--little Penn State secret. Penn Staters in L.A. should call the Orange County alumni association if they're looking for a place to watch the game. Rumor has it they throw some kick*** game-day parties...friends of mine that have been in L.A. on game days have gone, said they rented out the back room of a bar/restaurant and about 150-200 Penn Staters showed up.

        As long as you were a member of the PSU Alumni Association, all you can eat, all you can drink.

        I've never been to it myself, but I used to say I'd never move to L.A. because I wouldn't be able to watch PSU football, and I heard about the Orange County Alumni Association parties from multiple sources.

        Last season was sad, but I still my wear my shirt with pride. It's never about one season.

        (this year's going to be much better, Mill in #1 quarterback spot, some good recruits from the previous year's class. Next year, we could--I say could--have a great team again.)


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          Studio Executive Board

          Listen to this! I was just visiting the Studio Executive Message Board and their latest thread is about what they should wear when screenwriters come to pitch! Some feel like they should wear suits; others think they should dress down. Michael Eisner said he likes to wear only his Pluto boxers and Mickey ears when female writers come in -- just to see if he can throw them off. Harvey Weinstein said he likes to dress like a Hasidic Jew to see if he can weed out the anti-semites. And on and on. Isn't that a wild coincidence? Apparently the execs are just as insecure as writers!


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            Re: Studio Executive Board

            copywriter....please give me the url on that thread....PLEASE!!!

            without a doubt...the silliest of topics. wear what you're used to. if not your focus will be on the clothes and not the business at hand. i personally opt for the fatigues, tight black T (tatoos showing), and the boots of course. i hope if they're a bit nerdy they will feel cool if they hire me, or if they're candy-a$% they'll be frightened.

  's one. Just in case they're watching out the window....what do you drive up in? Rent a 930? I go for the bike....for the same reasons stated above about the clothing. A moped goes along way in Hollyland.


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              Re: Studio Executive Board

              Michael Eisner said he likes to wear only his Pluto boxers and Mickey ears when female writers come in -- just to see if he can throw them off.

              --- Why to take Mickey ears off? :rollin


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                Re: Studio Executive Board

                <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> Harvey Weinstein said he likes to dress like a Hasidic Jew to see if he can weed out the anti-semites.<!--EZCODE ITALIC END-->


                That was rather excellent. As were the mouse ears.

                The only person I've met here who wore a really really really nice suit was sketchy (albeit in a successful, legit way) and after he didn't hire me, was all "Hey, let's have sex" and I was like- "Um, you look like my dad, man." Creepy in the extreme.

                So I guess my advice is, don't offer to have sex with people unless you're sure you don't resemble their parents, because that's just gross.



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                  Re: Studio Executive Board

                  But it's totally OK to proposition people after you've said you won't hire them?

                  Lemme write that down. In D.C., you only get propositioned after you've been hired.



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                    Re: Studio Executive Board

                    kd....something tells me i don't resemble your about it? (no jobs to offer either)

                    c'mon. names. we want names. or am i just being lazy by not spinning around town to find the only suit. i hate cinderella stories.


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                      Why not put this to rest by...

                      ...combining the two pressing issues of recent days.

                      Everyone start dressing like Rob Gallagher.



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                        Re: Why not put this to rest by...

                        And how is that? How does he dress?

                        Wow, why can't female agents, producers and directors proposition me for sex to get a writing gig? It's not equal justice!


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                          pitch meeting dress code

                          you should dress however you want, theres no rule that says you shold or should weara suit or cres. I would rather wear a suit than jeans and a flannel anyday but hey thats just me, my personality.

                          i didnt grow up in the Sout or the Midwest so you wouldnt catch in in tight jeans , cowboy boots and at shirt but it doesnt mean anything.

                          that has noting to do with my writing skills but i do know that 1st impressions are important.

                          Guys have it harder. The ladies have got it made!
                          A female writer should wear a short mini skirt, sexy garter belts and silk stockings to a pitch meeting, that'll get you noticed!


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                            Re: pitch meeting dress code

                            Old thread, but how in the world did this ever get to 56 posts?

                            Never mind.

                            Bill Martell wrote an article that included this subject. The bottom line that he had was to wear something that becomes a "style", an indentifiable marker for you. And it shouldn't be something outlandish (he used the example of wearing a hat). For me, I have always, even when starting out, worn casual clothes. What a lot of people refer to as "safari" style. But I have never seen anyone pitch in a suit. Doesn't mean you can't, but don't do it just because you think you should or because you want to create a false impression. Comfortable is the word.



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                              Re: pitch meeting dress code

                              the first few meetings I took when interviewing agents I was dressed up way too much. In fact, one guy even told me I didn't look like a writer. After the first couple I got into the swing of things and went casual.


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                                Re: pitch meeting dress code

                                Since I've started having meetings, this topic is finally relevant to me and I finally have some actual experience to draw on!

                                IMHO, the main reason why it's a good idea to dress funky/casual for meetings is that you're supposed to be a "creative type", and a very nice or conservative suit or dress does not broadcast 'creative' to the room. Suits and conservative dresses broadcast things like "tax attorney" and "accountant".

                                And you know that old saw that goes something like, "If you want to become X, then act, speak and dress as if you already are X"? I think that getting people to mentally lump you in with the established pros they already work with is a good thing, and if the established pros mostly show up funky/casual, it can't hurt to follow that pattern.