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    anyone out there ever had a script with them?

    if so, how long did it take to get a response... any kind of response?

    meaning, did they respond even in case of a "pass" or did they wait for you to call?

    thanks guys and gals.

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    congratulations, buddy... I wish I could give you some insight (or at least be able to say that I have the same problem)...


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      let's hope it's a blessing rather than a problem...


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        follow up

        Depending on how much heat you have with your script, wait a minimum of two weekends before checking back with them, and more likely, a month. Then call back to see if they've had a chance to read it.

        You may or may not receive a "pass" from them. That's the nature of the game, and happens with smaller agencies, as well. So calling to check may be the only way you'll find out.

        However, I once waited over three months on an ICM read, yet when the agent finally read the script and called, he was extremely apologetic for having taken so long, was extremely enthusiastic about the script, and was wanting to show it in-house to see if he could get any support for taking me on.

        So, even though waiting is crazy-making, don't get impatient and blow anybody off. I believe I had checked back a few times and then stopped calling, but I never got angry on the phone or told them to forget it. I simply decided nobody was ever going to read it, and moved on about my business. So I was very surprised to get that call when it finally came, but it was worth the wait.


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          Whether it be a producer or agent (large or small), the best thing to do is submit -- then move on and not worry about it.
          Keep submitting and writing. If they really like it, they'll call you. If not, chances are you'll never hear back. I've never heard of a writer calling to find out about the status of a screenplay and the producer or agent saying, "Damn, I was just going to call you...we love it and want to do it!"

          Also, calling them to see if they've read it rarely results in speeding up the process at their end. They've got priorities and unsolicited scripts are not high on the list.


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            I have submitted to CAA, ICM, WMA and UTA. CAA passed, but requested more material to read, as did ICM. One particular agent at ICM liked my sample, but represents Life Rights and asked for some "true story" kind of material. WMA responded in one week with a call and requested to view a short film I made, as well as UTA (which came as a referral).

            So, don't be distracted by those that say the biggies won't listen to you, because they will . . . if it's worth it I suppose.


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              You should indeed call in any case, and a month sounds about right. The reason for calling is to make any kind of connection you can with either the agent or the assistant, so they'll be inclined to read other stuff you've got. If you just move on after submitting you've gained nothing.


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                great point

                Muckracker makes a great point. Even though it's rare, sometimes the connections you make with assistants do pay off. You can't force a connection if it's not there, but sometimes you will simpy "click" with an assistant on the phone, and they do move up or around. That's how networking builds.

                Also, sometimes assistants are readers, as well. Even if the Big Agency doesn't want you, if the assistant connects with your work, it could eventually lead to something down the road.


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                  thanks guys for your replies.

                  seems everybody at least heard back from them. might mean I'm still in the run. who knows...? "the submit and move on" is good advice, but the fact is it lingers in the back of your head: did they read it, did they like it, why didn't they call/write? it's just the way it is, not just for us...

                  click below and listen to stephen gaghan, talk about his experience after he send "traffic" over to steven soderbergh and didn't hear from him for a couple of days...


                  I guess, at the risk of sounding corny, it just shows that we are passionate about our stories...


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                    Endeavor took a month
                    WMA took three months
                    ICM never responded.

                    needless to say i'm still unrepped.


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                      were they open to look at some of your other scripts or did they just fire off a form letter: "put your hands up and step away from that keyboard"?


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                        i wrote a short script where I parody a partner at one of these firms on the show BLIND DATE. I sent it to someone who sent it to someone who sent it to someone. From that, they requested a meeting.

                        We talked about Korean BBQs and I asked for a freebie. They gave me a cap.


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                          How did you get internet access in Austin, Blue? Shouldn't you be playing doubles with Shane right now?


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                            Hillbilly, That is completly disgusting. Glad I waited to have that meatloaf!


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                              That's awful, I don't even know what the hell it is.