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    KARMA COALITION has sold for 750K against 1.25 mil to Warner Brothers. Dan Lin producing. Story is about individuals who form a special group so that they can survive the end of the world. Dallas Sonnier (Caliber) & Endeavor repped the project. Shawn Christensen scripted.

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    Re: Karma Coalition

    The story is about a brilliant professor who engages in a game of cat
    and mouse with a corrupt detective after he's told his dead wife of
    five years might still be alive. He discovers that a secret
    organization could be responsible for faking her death, but there are
    consequences for knowing they exist...
    For WB, it was Kevin McCormick and Matt Reilly. For Lin, it was Dan
    Lin and Stephen Gilchrist.
    Christensen is also a name in the indie rock music scene as the lead
    singer of the band Stellastarr*, which previously released two albums
    for Sony BMG and is about to release a third album. Shawn, along with
    his frequent writing partner Jason Dolan, also wrote the script SIDNEY
    HALL for producers Ridley and Tony Scott. Joe Russo is attached to
    direct with Jim Sturgess (-21″) attached to star.
    Shawn is repped by Endeavor, Caliber Media and Bloom Hergott.


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      Re: Karma Coalition

      I know I'm about six years late here, but this script was terrible. Just a messy stew of "big" ideas thrown together. The characters were paper thin and their actions seemed totally unrealistic. Any time the plot began to sag at all, something crazy would happen out of nowhere. Almost like this was written on the fly with no outlining at all, and every time the writer got bored he just tossed another forced complication onto the page.

      Concept is king I guess. That's all this one had going for it.


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        Re: Karma Coalition

        Agree with Dalt. I remember reading this script right after it sold and thinking WTF???? This sold? Great set-up and concept, but it was all downhill from there until the cheap shot ending.

        Late Night Writer


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          Re: Karma Coalition

          I liked it. Think it has alot of potential.
          "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist,- Pablo Picasso


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            Re: Karma Coalition

            Agreed. I thought it was a terrible script as well (101 execution). I'd like to rewrite it -- as a Page-1, tossing everything but the title.
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