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  • Homeland Security by Tom Clancy

    Anyone have any idea more details on what TNT just purchased? Very interested to hear more about this.

    Tom Clancy's Homeland Security is being developed for TNT by Michael Orvitz. If the project goes to series, it will be the first television credit for the former Disney President. The TV project is also rare for Clancy, who is more famous for adapting works into films, most notably with installations in the Jack Ryan series. Clancy is also set to executive produce with the man whose last name sounds dangerously close to a gum brand.

    Clancy won't be alone in scripting the plot for his project. According to THR, Tom Clancy's Homeland Security is about a team of domestic operatives dealing with enemies both near and abroad, will also be penned by Javier Grillo-Marxuach and Chris George
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    Re: Homeland Security by Tom Clancy

    From the Hollywood Reporter:

    "a procedural revolving around a team of domestic intelligence operatives who battle enemies at home and abroad"

    Seems like they sold a pitch that's going to be developed into a pilot script which may or may not be shot and picked up to series. Hope it turns out as awesome as it sounds!