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  • Yo Adrian! It's Creed!

    Rocky's coming back with Apollo's grandson.


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    Re: Yo Adrian! It's Creed!

    man I love that first rocky. Speaking of Appollo, the master of disaster, the undisputed heaveyweight champion of the world...


    APOLLO CREED and his LAWYER and TRAINER are seated in the
    offices of MILES JERGENS. Jergens, a successful promoter
    looks unhappy as he looks into the scowling face of Apollo


    I do -- Maybe what this fight
    needs is something new -- a

    You's the novelty, Champ!

    Give my main man a raise!!

    Everyone laughs.

    Now here's what's goin' down.
    Listen, 'cause I'm gonna say
    this but one time. On January
    first, the first day of the
    Bicentennial I'm gonna fight
    me a local poor underdog, dig?
    A snow-white underdog. An'
    I'm gonna put his face on this
    poster with me, hear? An'
    I'll tell you why, 'cause I'm
    sentimental -- An' all the
    people in the country all
    sentimental, man, an' they'd
    like nothin' better than me,
    Apollo Creed, to let some
    unknown get a shot at the
    greatest title in the world on
    this country's biggest birthday.
    Now that's the way I see it
    an' that's the way I want it!!

    ... It's very American.

    No, man, it's very smart.
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    " Don't really like writing. But I do like having written." Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad.


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      Re: Yo Adrian! It's Creed!

      See the smiley face? This is friendly.

      I am assuming that this is a genuine quotation from the script, but I really do not know. I saw the movie a long, long time ago.

      Look, be careful with extensive quotes. I think this one is short enough that it falls under "fair use" in law.

      Just remember that we live in a malignant time now. Corporations are extremely impersonal, possessive, and nasty. They do not like anything that they see as "infringement" on their intellectual property. So just be careful with quotes. Try to keep them very short.

      Sigh. Yeah, I know. Maybe things will become better again someday. Things used to be much better.

      "The fact that you have seen professionals write poorly is no reason for you to imitate them." - ComicBent.


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        Re: Yo Adrian! It's Creed!

        As always Comic, I value your thoughts... yep, its from part of it. Feel free to delete it, or I will, if you think wise.

        Still one of my all-time favorite scripts I studied. Take care.
        " Don't really like writing. But I do like having written." Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad.


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          Re: Yo Adrian! It's Creed!

          I think Rocky had his time. If they do another one, I think he should be in a home for folks with senile dementia.